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Blood Pressure Chart

Looking for a blood pressure chart to help you find out whether you are prone to high blood pressure or whether you have a normal range? Just one of the simple tests we offer before you start trying to get fit!

Do you understand blood pressure charts? Normal blood pressure readings are 120 / 80 (measured in mmHG).

A blood pressure reading of 140 / 90 is borderline hypertension High blood pressure.

Blood pressure readings of 141 / 90 - 160 / 95 are a moderate to high risk.

Blood pressure reading higher than 160 / 95 is a high risk.

Consult your doctor prior to doing any form of exercise.

< 85 NORMAL < 140 NORMAL
85 - 89 MODERATE 140 - 159 BORDERLINE
90 - 104 HIGH > 160 HIGH
105 - 114 SEVERE - -
> 115 CHECK - -

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