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As any boxer knows, skipping is a great form of exercise that requires minimal equipment. You can add variety by skipping to music, using different foot combinations, or making it a part of a home circuit workout.

It is recommended that in order to help prevent injury, you should wear good trainers and, ideally, use a sprung studio floor. Tips:

  • Keep your elbows tucked into your sides, using your wrists to keep the rope turning smoothly.
  • Stand up straight – avoid the temptation to lean forward.
  • Keep a good pace going – if you go too slowly the rope will lose tension and snag on your head or feet.
  • Begin with small two footed jumps.

Once you become more comfortable you can easily add variations like alternating feet. Start by jumping a few times on one foot, then switch to the other foot. Soon you will be able to go from one to the other without catching the rope.

Once you have finished your session, spend time strecthing out your muscles, especially those of your lower body and forearms.

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