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Rugby Training

Check our rugby training drills and workouts that will help ensure you feel great on and off the pitch. Build your strength as well as find exercises for rugby that you may not have tried before. Get a real workout!

So you want to find some rugby training programs and ideas for workouts to improve your rugby? That's what we're here for.

Played under two different rules, Rugby League, and Rugby Union. Used to be called "A mans Game", however is becoming increasingly popular with females. A game of two 40 minute halves with teams of 15 players (Union) 13 players (League), who are generally well built especially for Rugby League. There's also rugby sevens (see rugby sevens which is a completely different kettle of fish - with 7 a-side and 7 minutes each way. To become good at this sport, you will require a range of physical abilities, as well as a strong mental attitude with good discipline.

There are wide variety of shapes and sizes on the Rugby pitch, with each individual having their set role in the game. With players amalgamating as a team, every player can benefit from the following basic physical requirements, to develop a team with no weak links.

  • Explosive acceleration and fast sprinting speed
  • Muscular endurance and strength in both the lower and upper body
  • Muscular balance and high levels of nero-muscular co-ordination
  • Propreception and agility, the ability to know where your body is, and be able to move it
  • Discipline to take orders and decisions, as well as putting the team first
  • Good flexibility to avoid injury, and to give yourself a greater range of movement
  • Correct balance between your quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as strength imbalances between your left and right leg

Why not also include in your rugby fitness, skipping exercises, stretching muscles, strength training and aerobic exercises to build all round (don't forget your warming up routines either). Finally, you can get fit with some great exercise training and why not book a tour to the Hong Kong Sevens sometime soon!

On the following pages we have fitness training programs, rugby drills, circuits and more.

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