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Want to find fitness exercises that can help you workout and get fit the simplest way? Why not check out our hundreds of exercises and exercise programs that can help you do exactly that!

A selection of different fitness exercises to help you tone and strengthen all of your body muscles.

These are just some samples exercises which have been taken from over 1,500 different strength and fitness exercises, found within our members area.
For optimal health and fitness, look at combining your training efforts either at home or the gym, with sensible eating and drinking habits, especially for those wishing to lose a few extra pounds. A good diet will also enable your body to fuel its workouts and develop a toned healthier looking body.

For best results, combine aerobic exercises such as walking / running with body toning exercises to develop both good muscle tone and also a healthy heart and lungs.

Always build time for a warm up and stretch into your workouts, giving your body time to recover and rebuild after your sessions to avoid excessive muscle soreness and enable the benefits of exercise to be fully utilized.

One reason that so many people unfortunately give up with their exercise routine is due to sore muscles and no results. The fact that your muscles are sore, will tell you that they have been worked beyond their normal daily routine.

Your muscles are generally sore due to the body rebuilding them, to make them stronger to cope with the new exertions your placing upon them via exercise.

The results will certainly come, however avoid over training, especially in the early stages, train wisely by not training sore muscles - let your muscles that are sore rest and recovery and work on either your cardio (heart and lungs) or other muscles groups.

Look in the Strength training section for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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