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Shoulder Exercises

The shoulder joint contains a variety of muscles – the three main shoulder muscles are the front (anterior), middle (medial) and rear (posterior) deltoids. These shoulder muscles help bend, extend, rotate and move the arm away from the body.

shoulder muscle exercisesDue to the vast array of movement that the shoulder muscles perform, its worth performing a complete section of different shoulder muscle exercises to maintain all-round strength and good postural alignment.

To establish both good technique, read the guidelines for correct weight and look at our gym workout section, and our general training advice.

As with all exercise, time should be taken to warm-up the muscles and stretch prior and after your routine.

With such simple equipment such as a pair of dumbbells, you can perform so many different exercises that will help strengthen and tone the muscles of the shoulder joint.

Its important to remember when choosing the correct weight to use for your exercise, especially with dumbbells, that the further you take the weight away from your bodies midline, the heavier it will feel.

Aim to start with lighter weights, increasing the number of repetitions you can perform before increasing the weights.

Always make sure that all locking collars are fully clasped on the weights, especially if using them to lift overhead.



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