Shoulder Front Cable Raise

Cable machines will enable a vast array of different exercise to be performed for the shoulder muscles. Aim to try and keep the tension within the shoulder muscles by standing / sitting in a position that keeps the weight your lifting from resting on the machine.

Sit on an bench or incline bench, with your back facing a low pulley cable machine, holding the handle at the side of your body, with your palm facing back.

aim to keep your back straight throughout the movement keep your head up as you smoothly raise your arm to shoulder height

Smoothly lift the weight up from a vertical position, to one whereby your arm is now straight, horizontal to the floor, keeping your hand in line with your shoulder.

Throughout the movement aim to keep your back straight, head up, avoiding any excessive arching or leaning backward, using your feet to keep yourself pushed back into the bench.

There are a number of different ways you can perform this exercise, you may decide to be seated or you can stand.

By changing the position of your hand so that your palms face either inwards or forwards will work different muscles.

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