Staggered Arm Push Ups

The staggered arm push up will work your shoulder muscles through a different range of motion compared to the standard push up exercise. Avoid this movement however if you suffer from any shoulder joint injury.

Using a marker, such as a line or broom handle, will give good indication of your hand position, which should be staggered so that one hand is in front and one hand behind your marker.

place your hands either side of straight line marker
keep your body and legs straight
lower down enabling your elbows to extend naturally outwards

Keep your hands facing forward with one wrist slightly forward and the other slightly back from your shoulders. Adopt a suitable push up position dependent upon your fitness level – full, three-quarter or box position.

Inhale and lower yourself down towards the floor in a smooth controlled manner, ideally 2 inches away from the floor, allowing your elbows to follow a natural route away from your body.

Arching of the spine and forcing your bottom into the air should be avoided.

Exhale as you push yourself up, prior to repeating the movement. You may decide to keep your hands staggered in the same position all the way through the push ups, or alternatively change your hand positions when your half way into your desired number of repetitions, in order to work both arms equally.

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