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Back Exercises

Are you looking for back exercises to help you strengthen your back or just to build muscle? Either way, we've got a range of back exercises that you can perform at home, at the gym or even in the park.

back exercisesLower back pain is one of the main discomforts affecting adults, resulting in millions of lost working days - and can be simply due to poor muscle strength in the lower back.

Lower back pain is often aggravated by poor lifting technique, where the sufferer relies mostly on the muscles of the lower back rather than those of the legs, to lift any given object.

The back is made up of many muscles, both deep and superficial. The Trapezius and Rhomboids, working the upper part, Latissimus dorsi, helping the rotators with the mid to lower trunk section, and the Erector Spinae group working the length of the spine longitudinally.

Their main functions are to pull your arms back, down, and towards your body, and to help rotate it inwardly. As used for rowing, chinning, or pulling yourself upward or forward with your arms.

Many people suffer from back problems, due to a weakness in both their lower back muscles and abdominals. The following back exercises will help strengthen your back. Always remember to warm-up prior to doing these or any other exercise.

Reading the notes on strength training, and weight lifting techniques, will help you establish your specific goals.

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