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Lateral Pull Down Cable Machine

Lateral pull down exercises can be performed, either seated on the cable machine, or to help work your abdominal core muscles, either seated or kneeling on the floor.

Always try and focus using your lateral muscles and those of your upper back and biceps to pull the cable bar down on the machine.  Avoid bending forward or leaning back, as this will reduce the benefit of the lateral pull down exercise.

Grasp the lateral pull down handle with your hands placed at the end of the bars, with your hands about 36 inches apart. A closer grip will work the tricep muscles, if you place your hands to wide your range of motion will be compromised and your lateral muscles will not be targeted correctly.

aim to keep the resistance on the cable throughout the exercise
smoothly lower the bar down to your upper chest - avoid leaning forward

If working on an lateral pulldown machine, with knee supports, adjust the seat, so that your thighs are ideally parallel to the floor, with your back straight.

If your high cable pull down does not have knee supports, kneel comfortably enabling your arms to be fully extended at the start of the movement, having the resistance on the cable throughout the movement.

Exhale and smoothly pull the cable bar down until it is level with your upper chest, aiming to keep your elbows pointing out to your sides, looking upwards to help prevent you lowering your head and leaning forward during the movement.

Inhale and return the bar back under control, taking care not to hit your face with the bar, never force the movement or work at speed for this exercise.

Focus on keeping your back straight throughout the movement, avoiding any jerking actions or lowering of the head.

By keeping your abdominal muscles slightly contracted will help keep your body better aligned to focus on the muscles you intend to work - those of laterals .

Its far to easy to cheat on this exercise and pull the weight down by simply leaning forward into the weight stack - keep good form to create a stronger body.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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