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Swiss Ball Pull-up

The Swiss Ball pull up, is an excellent exercise for both the upper body and abdominal strength, with a multitude of hand positions enabling a total upper body workout to be performed, whilst gaining the strength in the back to progress to full pull ups.

Look at having the hands with a wide grasp, palms facing upwards to help isolate the back muscles, however a normal or close handgrip can be used with palms facing you (biceps).

overarm underarm

Set the Smith Machine bar to a level that enables you to commence the exercise with straight arms, keeping your back off the floor, whilst both feet are resting on a Swiss Ball, keeping your body and legs straight.

Having your head lower than your feet will increase the level of difficulty for this exercise, likewise having the bar higher so that your head is higher than your feet, will make the exercise easier.

From a straight-arm position, exhale and smoothly pull your chest up to the bar, keeping your body and legs straight, focusing on keeping the elbows wide, bringing the shoulder blades in together.

Hold in the upper phase for 2 – 3 seconds prior to returning smoothly back to the starting position, and repeating for desired amount of reps.

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