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12 Minute Run Test

Wouldn't you know it, the 12 minutes run test is just that - a 12 minute running test! It's designed to show you, as part of an overall fitness regimen, how you improve every 6 - 8 weeks!

With the 12 minute run test, you should aim to perform this test on either a running track or treadmill, as you need to measure the total distance covered.

If you have to run on the road, use an odometer from a car or bicycle to measure your distance so at least you have an approximate mileage you have covered.

After a good warm-up and stretch, time yourself with a stopwatch, the total distance you can run over a 12-minute period.

Record all your distances, so you can monitor your progress. Remember to try and complete the distance at an average pace, rather than starting or finishing fast.

Work within your limits and make sure you're fit enough to do the test by seeing your doctor.

The following chart is a rough guideline to fitness levels. The distances measured are in miles, however to convert to kilometres multiply by 1.6

AGE 18-28 29-39 40-50 50+
HIGH 1.85+ 1.65+ 1.50+ 1.35+
GOOD 1.60/1.84 1.50/1.64 1.40/1.49 1.25/1.35
AVERAGE 1.40/1.59 1.35/1.49 1.25/1.40 1.10/1.24
LOW < 1.40 < 1.35 < 1.25 < 1.10

AGE 18-28 29-39 40-50 50+
HIGH 1.55+ 1.40+ 1.25+ 1.15+
GOOD 1.36/1.54 1.25/1.39 1.15/1.24 1.05/1.14
AVERAGE 1.20/1.35 1.05/1.24 1.00/1.14 .90/1.04
LOW < 1.20 < 1.05 < 1.00 .90

Aim to test your fitness level with this method every 6 / 8 weeks. Always remember to record your distance so you can monitor your progress.

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