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Aerobic Training

Cardiovascular aerobic fitness training is considered by many, to be the most important area of physical fitness. Too many people when they go to the gym will focus on looking good and not being fit and healthy. Today's mass market of supplements, will simple encourage quick results in muscle mass, however to get aerobic fit (your heart and lungs), then you will need to work at training these organs.

Why have the perfect looking body, when your worn out walking along the sandy beach?

Heart disease, the number one killer in our society, can be greatly reduced by those who train both their heart and lungs (aerobic system) on a regular basis.

The easy way to decide if you're working too hard, or in the wrong training zone, is the talk test, if you can hold a conversation easily, then you are probably training too easy - if you can't say a couple of words, you may be exercising too hard.

What factors affect aerobic training?

Frequency, duration and intensity. Frequency refers to how often you perform aerobic activity, duration refers to the time spent at each session, and intensity refers to the percentage of your maximum heart rate or heart rate reserve at which you work.

How often should I train? How hard? For how long?

Most experts believe that 3-5 times per week for a duration of 20-60 minutes at 60-90% of age specific maximal heart rate or 50-85% of VO2max (heart rate reserve).

The following pages will help you to determine your heart rate / workout intensity and also to help you monitor your fitness exertion, with or without a heart rate monitor.

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