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Are you looking to buy gym equipment for your home? Why not check out our advice on what to buy, how to compare models and then use our site to buy all the gear you need.

If you want gym equipment, our buying guide below will help you choose wisely and consider all those things that you will find are essential for your home gym (like space!)!

Long working hours, traveling time to the gym, family commitments, disliking gym equipment as well as the workout environment are all reason why people never make it to their gym. This can be both expensive to your finances, as well as detrimental to your health.

Setting up a home gym, can be a good way to keep your fitness level up, as long as you can motivate yourself to use the equipment.

The following should be guidelines for choosing gym equipment:

1 : Identify your fitness requirements

Any home gym equipment should suit the interests and fitness level, of as many members of the family as possible. Your chosen activities should be enjoyable and yet challenging enough that your able to progress to higher levels. If you find the equipment boring, you won't use it, remember to look at the section on staying motivated within this site.

You should be able to increase the resistance, incline or duration of a given piece of equipment.

For best results both aerobic and strength training equipment should be purchased in order to achieve all round fitness.

My advice for all round fitness is to purchase a machine, which will work your heart and lungs, and at the same time, work your muscles. The machine that springs to mind is the indoor rower, such as the Concept 11.

Running machines, exercise bikes and skiing type machines are all good for improving your aerobic fitness, however remember, all you need, to be able to run, is a good pair of trainers, and a surface to put your feet on to.

If your goal is an aerobic workout, then the equipment's resistance should be low enough to maintain for at least 20 minutes of smooth continuous motion. This type of exercise is what is needed to improve your aerobic fitness and burn calories for weight management.

If your goal is muscle strengthening, then considerably more resistance is required. Multi-weight style pieces of gym equipment offer the beginner a good selection of exercises, and lower risk of injury, however they can be pace consuming.

Free weights such as dumbbells, and resistance bands can easily be stored and provide a vast selection of exercises.

Gym manufactures can sometimes make poor claims about their equipment, such as "burns calories five times faster than running", "or will turn you into Hercules in just over 5 weeks".

As well as the specific information on fitness equipment, why not find out more about some general fitness tips and motivation tips that may help you workout. We also have a range of aerobic exercises, fitness training and stretching muscles advice along with more motivation advice and finally our health and fitness tips.

On the next pages find out how much you should pay and how to workout where you will put the equipment when using/not in use :

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