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Leg Exercises

For FREE leg exercises and a leg circuit that you'll find workouts all the key muscles, look below. Making sure you can workout your legs the right way, our guides and tips are invaluable whatever your workout.

The leg exercises session below is designed to work all muscle groups of your lower body, as an endurance / toning circuit and also to increase the heart rate sufficiently to provide you with a sweat. Call it a leg circuit as such!

Aim to work at a fast comfortable pace within your own limits, taking minimal rest between the different exercises. This leg circuit is only suitable for people used to working out and using weights.

Use the following table as a guide to the amount of reps, sets and rest time for each leg exercise.

INTER 12-15 30 SEC 10-15 30 SEC        
ADVANCED 15-20 20 SEC 15-20 20 SEC 12-15 20 SEC    
ATHLETIC 20-25 10 SEC 20-25 10 SEC 15 -20 15 SEC 15-20 15 SEC

jump side left

Ski Jumps

Aim to stay in a squatted position whilst jumping first 90° to the left, then back to the centre, then 90° to the right, finishing back at the centre, this will be one repetition. This exercise is very hard and you may wish to reduce the amount of reps by as much as 50%. As you get adapted to the exercise, you can increase the amount of reps that you perform.

quad exercises

Machine Squat

Avoid locking your legs out throughout the exercise, and also lowering yourself down below a 90° angle at your knee. If accustomed to weights, try and change your foot position so that your feet face outwards on some of the sets

raised leg lunge

Rear Leg Raised Lunge

Rest one foot on a raised platform, with your laces facing downwards. Keep your knee in line with the toes on the other foot, lower yourself down, keeping your back straight. Made harder if holding weights, or if working on a non-secure platform such as a Bosu or Swiss Ball.

step box

Step Box

Jump onto a secure platform taking off and landing on both feet. Use your arms for balance and gaining height. The fitter and more confident you become with this exercise, the further you will be able to jump onto the box, and also to the side. This is a very hard exercise, and as such you may want to reduce the repetitions by 50%.

seated leg extension

Seated Leg Extension

Avoid locking the legs out, perform in a smooth motion keeping your back firmly in the seat. You may wish to work one leg at a time, if you do this, make sure you use a suitable weight.

abductor machine

Abductor Machine

Use a suitable weight, aiming to hold the legs wide for 2 - 3 seconds before lowering under control and repeating.

You should always warm the inner and outer thigh muscles prior to performing this exercises, giving them a good stretch to avoid any injury.

pulsing squat

Pulsing Squat

Perform in small movements, stay in a squatted position and pulse for 3 pulses intermediates, 4 pulses advanced and 5 pulses athletic. The exercise can be made harder by using a suitable weight. Remember to come up fully after each set of pulsing, as this will help prevent your legs from becoming totally lactic.

hamstring curl

Hamstring Curl Machine

Use a suitable weight and perform smooth reps. Avoid pushing yourself on this exercise, as most people's hamstrings will tend to be tight, and can easily be damaged.

leg squat

1 Leg Squat

Place one foot on a secure platform, keeping the other leg at the side. Lower yourself down, whilst holding onto a chair or wall for support. Avoid going lower than 90° and taking your knee over your toes. Made harder with weights.

If you have no platform, keep one knee a few inches higher than the other leg, lowering down under control, to keep that foot off the floor.

adductor machine

Adductor Machine

Use a suitable weight, aiming to hold the legs together for 2 - 3 seconds before relaxing under control and repeating.

You should always warm the inner and outer thigh muscles prior to performing this exercises, giving them a good stretch to avoid any injury.

standing squat

Standing Squat

Using a suitable weight, either barbell or dumbbell, lower yourself down, with a straight back, no lower than 90°. Aim to work with your feet in various positions, try feet together, feet wide, feet facing in and feet facing out.

If using a barbell across your neck, wrap a towel around the bar to protect yourself.

raised squat

Raised Squat

Place one foot on a raised secure platform, with your other foot out to your side on the floor. Keeping your back straight lower downwards, avoiding taking your knees over your toes. Repeat the reps both sides.

The weights that you use, should reflect on your current strength levels. For safety reasons, start with a light weight establishing good technique before increasing gradually.

If you find that you're struggling to lift the weight during the first set, then you have probably started with a weight that is too heavy, so I would advise to lower the weight.

At the end of each set, take in some fluid, and have a minimum of two minutes rest before performing the next session. Keep warm with either a sweatshirt or towel, and if necessary stretch your lower body.

When working the large muscle groups in the lower body, your blood is pumped to those working muscles, this can result in slight dizziness. If you feel this at any time during the circuit, stop the exercise and lay down, with your feet raised up. Do not carry on if you are still feeling dizzy after a few minutes, or if you have a further dizzy spell.

Make yourself a table to record and monitor your progress, with your aim being to gradually increase the amount of reps that you can perform. Headings could be :



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