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Strength Training

The human body is amazing, as it will increase its strength lifting capabilities with the level of workout that is placed upon the muscles.

If the body's muscles are not worked through changes in lifestyle, such as driving to work, sitting at a desk, then the body will become weak and unhealthy.

In order to improve your strength, a change is needed to be made, otherwise if you simply lift the same weights, the same way, then you will stay the same - your training is maintenance based.

If you want to improve your strength training, then you will need to apply a number of different variations into your workout routines to avoid letting your body become adapted to your current strength training workouts.

A muscle will only strengthen when forced to operate beyond its customary intensity (overload). Overload can be progressed by increasing the:

(1) Resistance e.g. adding more weight. (2) Number of repetitions with a particular weight. (3) Number of sets of the exercise. (4) Intensity, i.e. reducing the recovery periods.

Which weight training exercises? The exercise must be specific to the type of strength required, and is therefore related to the particular demands of the event or aim of the individual (specificity).

Design your routine to work your larger muscle groups first, such as your chest and back, prior to working the smaller muscles like the biceps and triceps.

This aids in warming up your smaller muscles, and allowing you to lift heavier weights, simply because your smaller muscles aid in both the lift, and keeping correct technique.

The next pages will give you some valuable advice as too how much weight to lift - how many reps, and how often. The final page will also enable you to learn about the different training systems that will help you make massive progress in both your strength and appearance of your muscles.

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