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Barbell Shoulder Press

The barbell shoulder press can be performed either seated, which is slightly harder or standing. If standing aim to focus on using the muscles of your shoulders to press the barbell upwards, rather than lifting the barbell up with your legs, as each time you lower the barbell down, its natural to bend the legs, then straighten them as you press the barbell up.

barbell shoulder press muscle exerciseHolding a suitable barbell, sit comfortably, ideally on a incline bench to give your back support, placing your feet firmly on the floor, to help push your back and shoulders into the bench.
Smoothly lift the barbell weight vertically, taking the weight directly above your shoulders with your arms straight, keeping your back straight. Lower down under control and repeat for desired amount of reps.
You may decide to lift the barbell slightly out to your front, in order to also work your chest muscles, however avoid this method if unconditioned to weight lifting, as it will place stress on the lower back.

Avoid arching the spine, or driving up with your legs at the start of your lift, focus on the muscles you want to work, the shoulders.

Always make sure that any locking collars are securely tightened.

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