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Abdominal Exercises

There's abdominal exercises and abdominal exercises! Apart from the ones we have in our member's area, we have within this site a range of ways for you to get that 6 pack or flat tummy!

abdominal exercisesRead notes on abdominal techniques prior to doing any abdominal work. Remember, if your aim is to get a six pack, a healthy eating regime, along with aerobic exercise is also required.
Generally the biggest mistake that most people do whilst performing any abdominal exercise, is the speed that they perform the exercise. Working at speed will generally reduce the effectiveness of the exercise - Work slow, they will grow! - because you're using muscle fibre rather than momentum.

Rectus abdominis, one of your abdominals originates on the sternum and ribcage and inserts onto your pubic bone. Its primary function is flexion of the trunk, and rotation at the waist is performed by using the oblique muscles.

Having strong abdominal muscles is necessary for all-round body strength, as any lifting using either arms or legs, will make use of the abdominal muscles.

These abdominal exercises will help you develop the six pack that you have always wanted.


It's important to remember for those that are aiming to have a well defined mid-section that two key areas will help with this. The first is your genetics - which you can't change. Basically if your parents have given you a fat gene, you're got a harder but not impossible task ahead.

The second rule to getting a six-pack, which is even more important than the exercise you do, is the food you eat - if your covering your hard work in the gym with your poor work in nutrition, then you're never going to reveal your abs.

Why not take a look at our Abdominal Ebook with all 200 different abdominal exercises and workouts - click here for full details.


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