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Through Knees

The Through Knees exercise is a good easy beginners abdominal exercise, which can be made harder when combined with a pulsing movement. Why not read through our quick guide below and try it out?

easy beginners abdominal exerciseRead the notes on abdominal techniques prior to performing this exercise.

Lie flat on your back, with your feet close to your buttocks, knees 6 - 8 inches apart.

Exhale and slowly push your hands between your thighs in a smooth motion avoiding any jerking movements.

Control the movement on the way down, inhaling as you gently lower prior to repeating again.

Focus on keeping your shoulder blades off the floor throughout the movement, as this will keep your abs contracted.

Keep your chin off your chest, and if your neck aches, support your head with one hand. Concentrate on controlled smaller movements, aiming to feel your abs contracting rather than using momentum to force into the movement.

Beginners aim for 8 - 12 exercise reps repeated twice.

Intermediates work for 12+ reps repeated twice.

Advanced work for 20 reps+ repeated three times.

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