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Abdominal Machine

An excellent piece of abdominal machine equipment, especially suitable for beginners, with weak abdominal or neck muscles.

the most common abdominal machine exerciseMost machines come with full instructions and exercises, however the simple key when using any of these abdominal machines is to keep the movement both smooth and slow.
To do a simple sit up, rest your arms on the foam pads, whilst placing your hands on the top bar, resting your head on the head support throughout the movement.

Keep feet either firmly on the floor, or with legs in the air, (harder) whilst aiming to roll through with the machine in a smooth motion, lifting no more than 30 degrees.

Focus on using your abdominal muscles to initiate the movement, rather than pulling yourself up with your upper-body.

Beginners aim for 2 sets of 10 - 12 reps, keeping the movement slow, 1 lift and lower every 3 seconds, both feet on the floor.

Intermediates aim to work for 3 sets of 12 - 15 repetitions, aim to work 1 set with your feet in the air.

Advanced work for 3 sets of 15+ reps, holding in the upward phase for 1 - 2 seconds.

For a challenging workout, why not try one of our sample ABS WORKOUT

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