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Tricep Muscle Exercises

Shows us your muscles - straight away people flex their arms to show off their bicep muscle. That's great if you have big biceps, but did you know that the triceps muscle makes up nearly two thirds of the upper arm. The key to having huge looking biceps, is to make sure that you exercise your triceps muscles.

triceps muscle exercise for bigger tricepsThe following triceps exercises will help develop stronger firmer triceps muscles.
The triceps are situated the entire length of the back of the upper arm, their main function is to extend the forearm, as in a backhand in tennis, and also aid to bring the arm in towards the body.

Prior to performing any triceps muscle exercise, you should first warm up and stretch the muscles.

Simple but effective exercises such as the triceps dip will help tone up the saggy under arm effect that a lot of people wish to tighten.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING area for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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