French Press Triceps

The French press is a great way to target your triceps muscles and can be performed in either a seated or standing position, ideally with a secure dumbbell or barbell.

Sit comfortably, on the central part of a Swiss Ball or flat bench, with your feet securely on the floor, back straight. If you use an upright bench, make sure you have a full range of movement with your triceps behind you, prior to performing the French press, otherwise the bench and dumbbell will collide.

make sure the weights are secure avoid hitting your head

Always start with a lightweight, to make sure that you can lift the weight in a safe and controlled manner using good technique. Using a heavier weight too soon, can risk injury and its likely that your triceps will control the lowering phase, but be unable to lift the weight smoothly.

Commence the movement with the weight lowered behind your back, focusing on keeping your elbows tucked in close to your sides, elbows pointing upwards.

Exhale and smoothly straighten your arms, lifting the weights directly above your head, keeping your elbows close to your head throughout the movement.

Make sure that the dumbbell weights are secure, and any locking collars are properly tightened.

In the final lifting phase of the French Press, you can help strengthen the wrist muscles by aiming to lift the dumbbell to a parallel position to the floor, however if the weight is heavy - simple focus on your triceps muscles.

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