Band Tricep Kickbacks

Resistance bands offer a great way to tone your bodies muscles, especially the triceps which many people suffer with having a saggy effect. The triceps kickback is a very effective exercise to perform to help tone this area. Keep a resistance band at home or work and aim to spend a few minutes each week performing this exercise to see results in your triceps.

Triceps kickbacks can be performed either seated or standing.In either position lean over as far as possible, with the resistance band centrally placed under both feet, which should be close together.

keep your upper arms parallel to the floor - elbows tucked into your sides avoid leaning forward as you straighten your arms

Holding the handles in both arms, commence the movement with your upper arms horizontal to the floor, whilst your lower arms remain vertical, aiming to bend your arms to a 90-degree angle.

Smoothly extend the arms back, in order to straighten the arms, focusing on keeping your upper arms horizontal whilst keeping your elbows tucked into your sides.

Avoid lowering your trunk during the extension phase of the kick back, keep your abdominal taut to help isolate the tricep muscles.

Aim to hold in outer position for 1 – 2 seconds prior to returning slowly back to your starting position, repeating again for desired amount of reps.

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