Close Grip Tricep Dips

A variety of different tricep dips can be performed to assist all fitness levels with toning their tricep muscles.

Position yourself on a secure bench, with your hands tucked behind your buttocks, in a close grip, fingers facing forward. Beginners should aim to build up the strength in their triceps before performing this exercise and as such adopt a position with their hands either side of their buttocks.


triceps dip exercisesExtend your feet out to your front, the further your feet are away from the bench, the harder the exercise, however always aim to keep a slight bend in the leg to reduce the stress on the knee joint.

Focus throughout the movement to extend your elbows back behind you, lower your buttocks downwards by bending the arms, keeping your buttocks close to the bench, rather than taking your buttocks towards your feet.

You will probably find that your range of movement will be less than that of a normal triceps dip, however focus on taking your elbows back behind you, rather than allowing them to extend out to your sides.

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