Close Grip Tricep Barbell Curl

The close grip triceps barbell curl / press is a popular exercise to develop both strength and size in the triceps muscles. It can be performed either seated or standing, however if using an incline bench, make sure that you have a full range of motion to avoid the barbell hitting the back of the bench, as you perform the exercise.

Holding a suitably weighted barbell overhead, hands placed centrally 6 – 8 inches apart to help isolate the triceps muscles. If unsure about what weight to use, always start light and adjust slowly but positively, using a weight that is too heavy will cause you difficulty in performing this exercise correctly.


Smoothly lower the barbell behind your head, whilst avoiding any movement from your upper arms, or arching of the spine, aiming to keep your elbows pointed upwards.

aim to keep hands close together - keeping good control of the bar Lower the barbell ideally to a position whereby your forearms touch your biceps, however work within your own limits, never lower past a point whereby you can't return the weight back up - if possible work with a spotter so that they can take the barbell if your in trouble.

Can also be performed with a medium grip, however this will take the emphasis away from the triceps muscle.

Beginners should lower the bar no lower than a 90 degree bend in their arms.

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