Cable Kickback

The triceps kickback is one of the most common exercises used by gym goers to target their triceps muscle. For best results aim to work all three heads of your triceps by changing how you finish the exercise - you can have your palms facing in wards to work the middle part of your triceps - your palm facing forwards to work your inner triceps muscle - and finally palm twisted upward as shown below will work your outer portion of your triceps muscle.

Connect a low pulley single stirrup attachment to a suitable weighted cable pulley machine, holding the attachment in one hand, whilst resting on both of your knees and other hand on the floor.

keep your arm close to your side throughout the exercise smoothly extend your elbow back

Commence the triceps kickback with your elbow pointing upwards, arm bent at 90 degrees, with your arm tucked into your side.

Keeping your upper arms fixed, smoothly straighten your arm, so that it is now horizontal to the floor, focusing on minimal movement from your upper arm.

The exercise may be called a kick back, but the action needs to be smooth to isolate the triceps muscles.

Lower down under control, aiming to keep the tension on the cable throughout, lowering no lower than a 90-degree bend in your arms.

Focus on looking downwards throughout the movement, keeping your back straight throughout.

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