Pronated Curl - Tate Press

The tate press or probated curl is good way to help isolate the triceps muscle. For best results, beginners should aim to work one arm at a time to focus fully on that tricep and use the other arm to assist if needed with the lift.

Lie face up on a flat bench, holding a single or both dumbbell in your left hand, keeping your arm straight above your shoulder, with your palms facing away from you - if using two dumbbells, aim to keep both dumbbells touching throughout the movement..

commence with a straight arm - palm facing away lower the weigt to your opposite shoulder

Because of the dumbbell movement associated with a Tate press, its vital that you make sure the dumbbell collars are securely fastened prior to performing this exercise.

Keeping your upper arm vertical, inhale and smoothly lower the dumbbells down towards your chest or opposite shoulder if performing a one arm tate press. Never let the weight touch or bounce of your chest / shoulder muscle.

Focus on keeping the movement smooth and under control, keeping your upper arm vertical, avoid letting your upper arm cross your body or extend out to far to your side - the arms will need to naturally move outwards to enable the dumbbells to lower.

It should ideally take twice as long to lower the dumbbells downward as to what it takes to exhale and smoothly lift the weights back to your starting position.

Always make sure that any locking collars are securely fastened, it is best to perform this exercise with fixed weights that are small in size.

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