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Calf Exercises

Often maligned by many, calf exercises are important as part of an overall workout - and usually calves would suit your leg workout perfectly. So why not check out our calf exercises and start including in your next training session.

The calf muscle lies on the back of the lower leg, and is comprised of two muscles, the gastrocnemius and soleus. The primary function of the calf muscles is flexion of the foot, for example when you stand on tip toes
The calf muscles are connected to the foot by the Achilles tendon, the largest tendon in the body
Exercises to build and strengthen this area are performed either seated or standing on a custom built machine
Whichever exercises you perform you should always follow the principals of good weight lifting.

As with any muscle, growth will depend upon a number of factors including the exercise you do, your diet, and appropriate rest.

Because your calf muscles are often tight or always worked with daily activities, its essential that you spend time warming up and stretching these muscles prior to any weight lifting exercise.

For greater gains in calf muscle size and definition, look at working with your feet pointing not just forward in a standard position, aim to also work the inner and outer areas of the calf muscles by pointing your feet either inwards or outwards.

Look in the STRENGTH TRAINING SECTION for advice on how to train your body for your own specific goals.

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