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Bicep Exercises

A popular search, bicep exercises is more than just dumbbell curls. For all manner of bicep muscle exercises, you need look no further. Then why not look at our range of tricep exercise pages too - balance out your workout!

bicep exercisesThe biceps muscle is the muscle at the front of your upper arm. It is comprised of two muscles, the Biceps brachii and brachialis.
These are powerful muscles which work to flex the elbow joint. The most common exercises to work these muscles are various curls – these can be performed with barbells, dumbbells, or on a machine.
Whichever exercises you perform you should always follow the principals of good weight lifting.
Its essential that you don't just start swinging heavy weights up and down to try and develop stronger arms - your biceps may become huge straight away, simply due to a torn muscle.

If your unsure, the following section will help: Training Tips.

As with any muscle, growth will depend upon a number of factors including the exercise you do, your diet, and appropriate rest.

To achieve great looking biceps, vary your reps - your weights - method of lifting and your exercises used.

Its essential that you give your muscles adequate time to rest, as the rest period is where the muscles are rebuilt by your body - over training can lead to muscle weakness and risk of injury.

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