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Versa climber

One of the hardest pieces of aerobic fitness equipment you can use. The versa climber aims for a total body workout by simulating the motions of climbing.
The versa climber works the legs in a similar motion as a stepper, however the arms are also worked, in a pulling and pushing motion. Due to the fact that all major muscle groups are worked, this results in an excellent calorie burner.
The only problem is that most people will find that they are soon tired after only a few minutes. Aim to build up your workout time before you increase your speed.

Some versa climbers come with a resistance dial to adjust the level of the workout. For complete beginners make sure the dial is on the easiest setting. For those who want a more challenging workout, you can adjust the dial accordingly.

The aim is to take smooth steps, and at the same time pull and push with your arms. Beginners should aim for a step size of between 8 / 10 inches, with those of good fitness using larger steps.

The handles are adjustable on the side, to allow for correct positioning for your height; your arms should not be over stretched when working out. Lean slightly into the machine, keeping your back straight, and look at the feet counter.

Take care with your knees, as some machines have two thin metal plates at the side, allow your legs to work in a motion where the knees are shoulder width apart.

The computer read out, measures the distance in feet, (D.I.F) and the time in minutes, and 1/10th of a minute.

For example 1.5 minutes are equal to 90 seconds and 0.4 minutes is equal to 24 seconds, each .1 is 6 seconds.

Remember to pace yourself throughout the exercise, this machine can tire out the fittest of people quickly.

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