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Stretching Muscles

One of the most important parts of your workout, stretching muscles and targeting key muscles to stretch pre-workout will help prevent injury and also get your muscles ready for a top workout!

There are a number of different arguments about stretching your muscles prior to working out, with many saying not to do this, due to a decrease in performance.

All you need to do is look at how Olympic athletes prepare for their sporting moment on the track, or in the pool and you will see these athletes spend time stretching their muscles correctly - thats is after they have had a proper warm-up.


If you follow a dedicated stretching exercise routine, not only will you prevent injury, but you will also help to prepare your body for the exercise you are about to do.

Aim to spend time in your workout for stretching, both at the beginning and the end.

Reading notes on how to stretch will provide the necessary guidelines.

» For suitable warm-up stretches click here

» For suitable cool down stretches click here.

There's also over 200 different stretches as well as warm up advice for a number of different sports within our member's area.


As well as a few links already mentioned, we also recommend the following areas within our website including warm up stretches and warm up advice, techniques for stretching as well as some great cool down exercises. You could also look at home dna test kits to find out more about your nutrition and fitness genetic profile - which can help; you focus on the things that will help you.


Finally, why not get some more general gym exercises and exercises that will help you to improve your workouts, we've got it all!


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