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Workout for Your Body

Are you wanting to get fit. If so, then a workout for your body means you need to understand the parts of the body that you'll be working out. That's where can help you - check out the diagram below.

So you want to get fit do you? So get started and click on each body part for a description of how to perform a small selection of exercises. We also have an extensive members area with the Internet's largest source of exercises - 1,200+ showing how all levels of fitness can exercise with machines - free weights - swiss balls and their own bodyweight.

So go on, get fit with a little help from Netfit.co.uk!


As well as being able to find exercises via your body parts, why not also look ata range of related pages including Cardio exercises, fitness testing, exercise training, cardiovascular exercise, stretching muscles, stretching techniques, warm up advice, strength training, heart and lungs and warm-up exercises

Quadricep / thigh exercises wrist and forearm exercises bicep exercises wrist and forearm exercises shoulder exercises chest exercises abdominal and oblique exercises bicep exercises Hip and inner thigh exercises Hip and inner thigh exercises Quadricep / thigh exercisesTricep exercises Tricep exercises Shoulder exercises Shoulder exercises calf and lower leg exercises Hamstring exercises Buttock exercises Back exercises

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