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Fitness Testing Advice

Check out our free and simple fitness testing advice now. From starting out with a new fitness regime, through to improving your existing fitness using these tests to monitor yourself, find out more.

The best way to monitor your progression is to establish your current fitness level, then every 8 to 12 weeks re-test yourself.

With positive results in your test, you can see improvements in your body's fitness, even if you may not look thinner or fitter.

Any negative results are obviously areas that you will need to spend time working on. Make sure that the test is as accurate as possible, and always remember to keep previous test scores.

So as a reminder, every 2 or 3 months try taking these tests again so that you are able to compare to previous attempts.

An easier, and cheaper, way to monitor your fitness levels without the need for a personal trainer.

12 Minute Test
Abdominal Scoring Chart
Balance Test
Blood Pressure Chart
Body Fat Chart
Explosive Power Chart
Fitness questionaire
Flexibility Chart
Leg Strength Chart
Lung Capacity Chart
Resting Heart Rate
Speed Chart
Upper Body Chart


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