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Fitness Test Questions

Check out our fitness test questions below as a starting point for your fitness and starting a workout program. With a range of different tests available to you, Netfit.co.uk can help you get started!

The Fitness Test  - Stage 1

This is the most important aspect of any training program that you commence. In order to find the correct program for you, a complete fitness test should be carried out by a qualified person.

Once your level of fitness has been measured, any weakness can be improved upon. It is unwise for any individual to skip this test, as their health will have strong bearings on the results.

Answer the following, any yes answers, then visit your doctor to get a medical examination, explaining to them that you are about to embark on a exercise program.

  • Do you have High Blood Pressure? Yes ‘ No ‘
  • Has anyone in the past, told you not to exercise? Yes ‘ No ‘
  • Have you any pains in your head or chest? Yes ‘ No ‘
  • Do you have an injury that could be made worse by exercise? Yes ‘ No ‘
  • Do you ever feel faint or dizzy? Yes ‘ No ‘
  • Has anyone in your family, or do you suffer from a heart condition? Yes ‘ No ‘
  • Have you any reason why you should not exercise? Yes ‘ No ‘

If you answered no to the above questions, then you can move onto the second stage of the fitness test, which is to determine your current fitness level.

As well as this basic fitness test, make sure you try our other tests like body fat percentage or our fitness test stage 2.

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As well as the tests we offer above, why not also check out our site for great general information that includes gym exercises, fitness exercises, cardio exercises and fitness training advice like strength training and warm-up exercises. We also have some good stretching muscles and stretching techniques pages that will help you with exercise training programs and of course the all important warm up advice.

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