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Body Fat Percentage

Why not find out your body fat percentage and what it means with Netfit.co.uk. With simple body fat %'s in the tables below, whether you are male or female, you'll be able to see what they mean!

This body fat percentage chart will help you to establish your classification. It is important that you have your body fat measured correctly.

OPTIMAL 8 - 15 13 -20
BORDERLINE 16 - 20 21 - 25
OVERWEIGHT 21 - 24 26 - 32
OBESE >25 > 32

Remember that every individual requires a minimum amount of body fat. For men no less than 5 % body fat and for women no less than 8% body fat. This fat is called essential fat and is necessary for good health.

Nonessential fat is an accumulation of stored calories, a result of taking in more calories then you actually need. This can result in obesity, which has been proven to lead to a number of health problems.

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