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Fitness Questionaire

Before starting any exercise program you should take a basic fitness test. Part one of this will determine if you need to consult a doctor prior to beginning an exercise program.

Part two is a fitness test – this will measure your current level of fitness and allow an appropriate program to be designed for you.

Answer all questions:

If you answered yes to any of the above, you should consult your doctor prior to commencing an exercise program.

If you answered no to all the questions, you can move onto the second stage of the fitness test, which will determine your current fitness level.

  • Do you have High Blood Pressure? Yes / No

  • Have you ever been advised not to exercise? Yes / No

  • Do you experience head or chest pain? Yes / No

  • Do you have an injury that could worsen due to exercise? Yes / No

  • Do have moments when you feel dizzy or faint? Yes / No

  • Do you suffer from a heart condition? Do you have a family history or heart disease? Yes / No

  • Do you know of any reason why you shouldn't exercise? Yes / No
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