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Body Fat Percentage

The body fat percentage chart will help you to establish your classification. It is important to have your body fat measured professionally as it is easy to get an incorrect reading.

Look at having your body fat percentage reading taken every 2 - 6 weeks to make sure that your actually losing bodyfat rather than healthy lean muscle tissue.

Remember to record your results, aiming to use the same method of testing each time, as this will help keep results more accurate.

There are numerous methods used to test your bodyfat, most health professionals will nowadays use a method called Bioelectrical Impedance, with such machines such as (Bodystat).

This is a far less invasive than the older method of using calipers at various body points.

Bioelectrical Impedance works by sending a very low level electrical signal through the body, with sensors placed on either the feet or hands, or a combination of both.

The length of time that the signal takes to travel from the two connection points will determine your result. Basically muscle tissue is a better conductor than body fat due to its higher level of water.

If taking this kind of test, its always essential to perform when your body is well hydrated. If you take this test first thing in the morning or after exercise you will get a negative result.

Skin fold calipers if used by a qualified person, or even yourself with just a little reading and knowledge will assist in giving you a semi accurate reading, however this method is prone to error due to the inconsistency of where the readings are taken.

Again you should avoid exercise prior to this test, as the bodies blood flow is not in its natural state, blood will be pumped to the muscles and the skins surface to aid recovery from exercise.

The following page will have a bodyfat percentage chart.

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