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Basic Fitness Tests

Why not check out our basic fitness tests to give you an idea on what to check out when you're starting to do your workouts. Our 12 fitness tests below are simple and quick to undertake.

With these tests make sure you are both honest and accurate with your recordings, and remember to keep notes of all your results. The best way to get accurate results is to see your doctor, join a gym or hire a personal trainer.
Work within your own limits when doing the test, you don't need to do all of them, as a reasonable fitness level is required for some of the tests.


The best time to take this is when you first awake in the morning, as this is when you're at rest. If you can take the recordings over three days to find an average, this will give you a more accurate reading.

Place two fingers on either your wrist (radial artery), or neck (carotid artery). Avoiding pressing too hard, count the number of beats for a minute. Alternatively, if you have one a heart rate monitor will give you an accurate reading.

Look in the heart rate chart, to give yourself a guideline.



Test 2 (Blood pressure)

Having your blood pressure taken is a very easy operation, however make sure that the equipment used and the person taking the reading knows how to do it. Some electrical machines have been shown to be inaccurate.

Most doctors / health clinics should be happy to test you.


As well as some basic fitness tests why not also check our pages about stretching muscles, basic stretching and warm up exercises. As well as that we can provide aeorbic workouts like skipping exercises as well as fitness exercising and workouts that focus on strength training for example.

You can find tests 3 to 12 on the following pages. This includes flexibility, abs and speed tests :

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