Weight Loss Programs

Want FREE weight loss programs that in 8 weeks could help you lose weight safely and tone up your body? Why not check out the following 5 pages of tips and exercises to get started.

weight loss programsIn essence, the following weight loss program is actually a four week healthy body plan that's designed to develop a steady gain in both fitness levels and body conditioning.

As with any approach to weight management and slimming, you should also lose weight in the form of excess body fat, and not healthy muscle tissue and body fluid.

The first stage of this body healthy and weight loss program is to make sure that you are prepared both mentally and physically.

Decide why you want to start the program, set yourself goals, and try to eliminate any obstacles that might be in your way. Visit your doctor and have a physical check up, explaining to them that you are about to embark on a new exercise program.

Across netfit.co.uk there's a number of related areas that we recommend you take the time to look at :

  • Motivational Tips

    Stay positive and work for the results that will come, they just take time
  • Stretching

    Learn how to stretch before and after your workout to prevent injury and soreness
  • Aerobic guidelines

    Avoid training too hard, find your correct training level
  • Weight training

    Advice for beginners and advanced, improve your knowledge

So whether you are looking for a training program, fitness advice or weight loss programs then NetFit.co.uk can help you get advice and provide you with tips.

On the following pages you will find your first week's program, some upper body, abs and lower body workouts, as well as a FREE workout sheet to print out and subsequent week plans :

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