Weight Loss Programs

Want FREE weight loss programs that in 8 weeks could help you lose weight safely and tone up your body? Why not check out the following 5 pages of tips and exercises to get started.


Congratulations, you have made the halfway stage. Most people who begin an exercise program stop after the first few weeks, simply because they can not see the results that they want.

Be patient, the results will come, they just take a little time. Just think on how long it has been for your body to get into the condition it was in, prior to you beginning this program.

What you now need to do, is prevent your body becoming adapted to your current workout regime. The first four weeks are designed to gradually build up both your fitness level and also healthy lean muscle tissue. We now recommend that you go back to week 1 again but increase the

* As with all exercise, make sure you work within your limits. Remember that you do not have to do the entire workout. If you feel tired, rest then carry on when you are ready.

For total body conditioning, remember to combine your exercise regime with a healthy diet, look in the section on Food Facts.

At first glance this program may seem to be very hard, in the fact that you are doing some form of exercise nearly everyday. Aim to simply increase your workout expenditure, if you feel tired then have a day's rest, you know your body better than anyone else, listen to it, and aim to help it.

The workout's can be performed in the morning or night, just make the time for yourself to improve your own fitness level.


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