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Weightloss Program

The aim of this weightloss program is to develop a steady gain in both fitness levels and body conditioning. Your approach to weightloss management, should be taken in two simple forms - calorie intake and calorie expenditure.

Generally speaking, if you eat more than you use, your body will store the excess calories (food and fluid intake) as bodyfat.

The members section of our site has its own complete area totally dedicated to helping you with your weightloss goals, or you may decide to purchase this information in ebook format, both of which have full exercise descriptions.

The first stage of this program is to make sure that you are prepared both mentally and physically - that you're dedicated!

Decide why you want to start the program, set yourself goals, and try to eliminate any obstacles that might be in your way, or cause a negative effect on your aim.

Visit your doctor and have a physical check up, explaining to them that you are about to embark on a new exercise program.

Areas of the site that you will also find useful are:

Motivational Tips: stay positive and work for the results that will come, they just take time.

Stretching: learn how to stretch before and after your workout to prevent injury and soreness - one of the reasons so many people give up on exercise.

Aerobic guidelines: avoid training too hard, find your correct training level to burn fat.

Weight training: advice for beginners and advanced, improve your knowledge - don't be afraid of weight training as this is what will burn off your fat and tone up your body.

The next page will take you to week 1 of the weightloss program.

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