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Marathon Training

Many peoples idea of marathon training is simply to go out and do the same run every day – twice on Sundays for good measure. While this will help you build basic stamina, it will not help you to finish the race in a good time. To do that, you need a marathon training program that includes both speed and endurance training.

It’s also easy to overtrain and get injured. One way to avoid that is cross-training – rather than running every day, include other cardio workouts such as rowing, cycling or swimming.

Other ways to maximize your fitness include adding weights to your marathon training program – using light weights and high reps will give you strength and endurance that will help you in the latter part of the run. Alternatively, you could try a circuit class – this is a good way to increase your anaerobic fitness as well as giving you an all over body workout.

The final piece of the puzzle is a good mental attitude – thinking positively about the race and your success can make a big difference to your performance on the day.

Regardless of your fitness / running ability, its essential that you have a beautiful day, the experience you will receive on crossing the finishing line will stay with you for a very long time.

Reading the following pages should help you with your preparation on achieving this worthwhile and life changing goal, especially important if your doing the run for others in the form of the many great charity's that also benefit.

Always remember that the day belongs to you, which is why there will be so many people cheering you on to finish.

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