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Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training is a comparatively new addition in the field of Physical Training, making its appearance in the mid 1950's, with new varieties, such as Boxercise and Body Pump, coming on the scene each year.

The aim of Circuit Training is a progressive development of the muscular respiratory systems.

Throughout this type of training participants are treated as individuals and not a mass, pushing themselves to their own limits with minimum direction from the instructor.

It must be stressed that if the effects on the cardiovascular systems of the body are to be improved, then it will require considerable application in both its administration and its execution, with correct exercise performance throughout.

Circuit training improves all round physical fitness, as opposed to fitness for a specific sport. A sportsman training for his activity therefore would be foolish to depend entirely on circuit training. However, skill related circuits can easily be implemented into your sessions.

It must be recognized that only through work (assuming adequate rest and nutrition are taken) can a muscular and respiratory system be improved on. Endurance training for which circuit training is a firm base to work from, must be regular and sustained over a long period.

Starting at a low level, appertaining to the standard of the class or individual, intensity should be gradually increased, with a progressive load being placed on the cardiovascular system.

Read the following pages to learn how to plan and conduct a circuit class.

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