Work out your abdominals with some of our great exercises and whether it's a 6 pack or a toned tummy you're after, we can help you with crunches, obliques, hip flexor or bridging exercises to get you really toned.

abdominalsThere's currently over 200 abdominal exercises in our member's area, with new training programs added each week. Abdominal exercises are too often left til the end of the workout - when you're muscles are tired and weary.

Read notes on abdominal techniques prior to doing any abdominal work. Remember, if your aim is to get a six pack, a healthy eating regime along with aerobic exercise is also required.

Rectus abdominis, your abdominal's originates on the sternum and ribcage and inserts onto your pubic bone. Its primary function is flexion of the trunk, and rotation at the waist using the oblique muscles.

Having strong abdominal muscles is necessary for all-round body strength, as any lifting with either arms or legs, will make use of the abdominal muscles.
These abdominal exercises will help you develop the six pack that you have always wanted.

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