Knees to Chest

One abdominals exercise you can try is the knees to chest - this is great for beginners to start working those tummy muscles, but you can also do when you're advanced too. Try it at home and see.

Avoid the knees to chest abdominal exercises if you suffer with lower back problems.

Lie flat on the floor, keeping your lower back and head in contact with the floor, using your arms to push yourself down.
Lift both feet off the floor, keeping your ankles and knees together throughout the movement, whilst keeping your lower back pulled in to the floor.

Inhale and smoothly pull your knees towards your chest. Avoid letting the legs come up or go out to far, as this can cause injury to the lower back.

Squeezing a soft ball between your knees during the movement can make the exercise harder.

Focus on keeping your abs contracted throughout, especially on the outward phase, where your feet should not touch the floor.

How many reps should I do?

Beginners aim for 8 - 12 reps, not at full extension outwards with the floor. Rest for 20 - 30 seconds then repeat again.

Intermediates aim for 12 - 20 reps full movement, repeated twice after 20 seconds rest.

Advanced work for 20+ reps for three sets with 20 seconds rest.

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