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Ab Techniques

For most benefit, correct ab techniques are crucial. In order to strengthen the abdominal muscles, sit-ups are great. To be effective, sit-ups must pull the torso upward from a lying position toward the knees, using only the abdominal group.

ab techniqueOften, more powerful muscles (those that flex the legs and hips), do much of the work. This is especially true with straight-leg sit-ups.

For best results, abdominals should be performed slowly with legs resting on a chair/bench, so that legs are bent at 90 degrees.

Twisting at the top of the sit-up movement causes tremendous rotational stress on the lower back which can lead to injury.

When doing sit-ups, never push through back pain. Stop immediately at even the slightest twinge in the lower back.


  • Lie on back with knees bent.
  • Feet flat on the floor close to the buttocks, or raised up on a bench.
  • Avoid having the feet held down, unless you want to work your Hip Flexor muscles.
  • No jerking or twisting movements for beginners.
  • Breathe comfortably throughout the exercise.
  • Commence curls with the shoulders, then the upper back and finally the lower back. 
  • Bring the torso up no more than 30 degrees; hold momentarily then lower the torso.
  • Clasp hands behind the neck just to support the weight of the head.
  • Don’t pull on your head when doing the exercise.
  • Keep your chin off your chest, aim to keep your upper spine straight (neutral)
  • Warm up your stomach muscles with easy stomach exercises, before you advance.
  • Finish off by stretching out the abdominals.
  • By doing some dorsal raises, this will help stretch out your abdominals.
  • If you have use of an abdominal exerciser, this will help give you the correct position.

So for more advice and more ideas, all you need do is let netfit.co.uk guide you through the basics and then you can choose your path from there. So why not take a quick look at our weight training tips page for more ideas.


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