Abdominal Hip Flexor

The abdominal hip flexor exercise is a good exercise for your core stability and Adductors (inner thigh muscles). This abdominal exercise is especially suited for beginners - although more advanced users can also adapt it.

abdominal hip flexorLie on your back, with both arms extended out to your sides. Keep your palms facing downwards, to avoid excessive rolling in your upper body throughout the movement.

Place a soft ball between your knees, holding it in place by squeezing your thighs together whilst keeping your abs contracted.

Begin the movement with your feet on the floor, slowly lowering your knees down to one side then the other, whilst keeping your buttocks - arms and back in contact with the floor. Progress this movement by lifting both feet off the floor, keeping your legs bent at 90 degrees with your pelvis tilted upwards using your lower abs.

Intermediates and advanced can progress the exercise by placing the ball between their ankles and aim to take both feet to the side. Avoid twisting to far around; use your core and oblique muscles to control the movement. Would recommend using ankles weights with a soft ball, rather than a medicine ball, to avoid injury if you drop the ball.

  • Beginners perform 8 - 12 turns each side, feet flat on the floor
  • Intermediates perform 12 - 15 turns each side, legs at 90 degrees, feet off floor
  • Advanced perform 12 - 15 turns each side with straight legs

Concentrate on contracting your abs throughout the movement and also squeezing the ball tight

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