Neck Stretch

Common strains such as a sore neck or wrists complaints can be assisted with the following simple stretches.

You don't need to be about to perform a physical activity to benefit from these, in fact you'll often perform the upward stretch without realizing that you have just done it.

By aiming to place one arm over the other, you will achieve a greater stretch, in both the wrists and shoulder blades, ideal for those typing away.

Easy Upward Stretch

1. Extend both hands straight above your head, palms touching.

2. Inhale, slowly pushing your hands upward, then backward, keeping your back straight.

3. Exhale and relaxing from the stretch before you repeat.

Easy Chin to Chest Front

1. Place both hands at the rear of your head, fingers interlocked, thumbs pointing down, elbows point straight ahead.
2. Slowly exhale, pulling your head downward, aiming for your chin to touch your chest.
3. Concentrate on keeping your back straight, with your shoulders down and back.
4. Relax your hands, and inhale as you lift your head.

The final page is a simple print out of all the previous stretches, so you can place it within your gym bag or keep it somewhere handy.



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