Hamstring Stretch

Always perform these stretches if doing any lower body activity such as running cycling and obviously prior to any leg weight training session.

As with all stretching, warm up your muscles first. There is nothing wrong with spending 5 - 10 minutes doing light cycling, getting off and stretching before you commence your hard training routine.

Stretching your hamstrings (back of thigh) and quadriceps (front of thigh) will not only prevent injury, it will also improve your activity ability.

Easy Normal Stretch

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, one foot extended half a step forward.
2. Keeping the front leg straight, bend your rear leg, resting both hands on the bent thigh.
3. Slowly exhale, aiming to tilt both buttocks upward, keeping the front leg straight, and both feet flat on the floor, pointing forward.
4. Inhale slowly, and relax from the stretch. Repeat the stretch again, this time beginning with the toes of the front foot raised toward the ceiling, but keeping the heel on the floor.

Easy Quadriceps Standing

1. Stand holding onto a secure object, or have one hand raised out to the side for balance.

2. Raise one heel up toward your buttocks, and grasp hold of your foot, with one hand.

3. Inhale, slowly pulling your heel to your buttock while gradually pushing your pelvis forward.

4. Aim to keep both knees together, having a slight bend in the supporting leg.


The next page will help you prevent muscle soreness or injury in two vulnerable areas.


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