Back Stretch

The back muscles are often an area of tension, especially if forced to sit at a desk all day, or busy doing a manual type of work.

Stretching the back, will not only help prepare the muscles, but more importantly aid release the gradual build up of tension so often associated with these muscles.

Easy Fetal Position

1. Lie on your back, keeping your head on the floor.
2. Slowly pull both legs into your chest, and secure them there by wrapping your arms around the back of your knees.
3. Exhale, pulling down on your legs while gradually lifting your buttocks off the floor.
4. You can stretch your neck, once in this position, by slowly tilting your chin to your chest.

Easy Lower Back-Cat Stretch

1. Adopt a position on all fours, point your fingers forward and your toes behind.

2. Start with a flat back, and then drop your head downward, pushing your shoulder blades upward and outward as you elevate your upper back.

The core muscles of the abdominal and oblique's, just like the back are always working, the following page will help you learn how to stretch and warm up these important muscle groups.


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