Arm Stretch

Most people are familiar with the triceps muscle stretch, however many people won't perform any stretch for the biceps muscle.

The biceps muscle is one of the most torn muscles within the gym environment, as its often overused and put beyond its strength capabilities.

Just like the muscles of the chest, some simple biceps curl actions with your arms, with either no weights or very light weights, will help blood flow to this area. Once warmed the muscles will be less likely to tear.

If performing an upper body workout, especially with weights for the biceps, repeat these stretches when you get a chance.

Easy Bicep - Wall Stretch

1. Place the palm, inner elbow, and shoulder of one arm against the wall.

2. Keeping the arm in contact with the wall, exhale and slowly turn your body around, to feel the stretch in your biceps and chest.

3. Adjust the hand position either higher or lower and repeat to stretch the multiple biceps and chest muscles.

Easy-Moderate Hand Down Spine

1. Extend one hand down the center of your back, fingers pointing downward.

2. Use the other hand to grasp the elbow.

3. Exhale slowly, pulling gently downward on your elbow, aiming to take your fingers along your spine.

The final stretch is for the neck - wrists and lats (under arm muscles).


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